Variable products in your online store

Tired of being plain when selling online? Meet Weblium’s variable products! Customize your products by size, color and other attributes in just a few clicks. The innovation will be extremely useful for entrepreneurs with a wide range of products in cases when the variety of characteristics are important for a potential customer. From now on, individual characteristics can be set for commodity items, which will give your customers a unique opportunity to buy goods or services they are interested in without additional questions. To use the feature, navigate to the “Product parameters” tab in an existing or new product and specify the parameters of your product. It has never been so easy to use the functionality of the leading marketplaces on your own website!

Improvement of the editor interface

Meet the whole new Interface that embodies your ideas of simpler and easier design. Time is money, so let us save it for you, while you can continue creating your greatest project. We removed unnecessary transitions and reorganized your workspace, so you wouldn’t have to spend extra time shifting to other tabs or waste it by making additional moves just to open the Settings. Everything is now grouped and has its own place on the left of the site. The shapes of every tab, tool and button of the Interface are now smaller and so practical, that you could have a clear vision of your site and nothing else irrelevant. So let’s jump into it and discover how much easier it is now to work with your site.

Page navigation widget

We’re glad to announce the release of a new widget called the “Navigator”! Move between blocks, manage the settings and change the style of the blocks you create through a single side panel of your site editor.

Adding a spacer

Have you ever needed to increase the height of a column or separate two elements with extra space? Now you can easily do this with the help of a new element called "Spacer". Just add this element and specify its height to stretch the column to the required size or increase the distance between two adjacent elements.

Changing the design of the category page

Weblium automatically creates a universal category page for all the categories you have in your store. By default, this page contains your site's header and footer, as well as the category name and the products you put in this category. 

You can customize this page to your liking — e.g. add/remove blocks and elements, change their layout and choose which information to display.

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