New payment method: monobank

The Ukrainian payment system of monobank is with us now. Do not waste time and connect online payments.
And it doesn’t matter if it’s a service website or an online store; your benefit is easily visible in these numbers: until the end of June 2022, the transaction fee is only 0.6% for hryvnia cards and 1.8% for paying with foreign cards.
Connect your Ukrainian FOP (sole proprietor account) to monobank according to this instruction.

Інтеграція з SalesDrive CRM

SalesDrive – це створена українськими розробниками платформа для оптимізації продажів та швидкого управління інтернет-магазином. Безліч інтеграцій усередині самої SalesDrive CRM: від платіжних методів та телефонії до служб доставки та документообігу.
SalesDrive CRM просто підключити до контактних форм для отримання та обробки заявок клієнтів. 

Importing products from

Transferring products from marketplaces to your new website on Weblium has never been easier before: we have added the ability to automatically import products from More comfort with minimal effort.

Stay tuned for new templates

New templates can now be easily recognized by the special "Updated" and "Redesigned" markers. Get the maximum boost with our ready-to-go templates! You can always check for new works in our catalog.


You can import products from Your Store to Yandex.Market - popular Russian advertising platform. This will help expand the geography of sales and reach an even larger audience. Adding, deleting, or modifying a product in the Welblium store automatically updates the product catalog on the Market, decreasing the amount of manual work. 

Learn more on how to connect Yandex.Market to Your Store in our Help Center

Publishing issue resolved

Earlier today, on June 9, 2020, we were experiencing publishing issues that lasted for around 30 minutes. They were caused by the number of queued events on production — the system was processing too many requests and couldn't perform the publishing events.

Our development team prioritized this issue and has already released the necessary updates. After numerous checks, we can confirm that the publishing issue has been resolved and we don't expect it to reoccur.

We apologize for the trouble this has brought and thank you for your continued patience and support.

Things to note:

- this hasn't affected the saving process — all the changes you've made to your websites are intact.

- This hasn't affected the sites which were already published.

- If you hit publish while we were experiencing the issue, then this action got to the queue and was finalized once we released updates. Check the live site to ensure that the most recent changes are there.

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