Turning off the auto display of distances

We have added an option to turn off the editor's auto-display of distances. This will help improve visibility when there are a large number of elements in the block.

To turn off the auto display, you should deactivate the switch "Show distance" in the editor's navigation panel. When you do this, the distances will be displayed only when you hold down the Alt key (for Windows) and Option (for macOS). By default, the auto display is enabled.

Exporting orders for a certain period

We have added an option to export orders for a certain time period. This will allow you to manage data about purchases in your store faster and more conveniently.

Now, in the store settings, you can choose the period for which the orders will be displayed and exported on the "Orders" page. The options are the current day, the previous day, the last 7 days, 30 days, 6 months, or 12 months.

Connecting several Telegram chats to contact forms

We've added the ability to connect multiple Telegram chats in Form management. This is useful if you need to send information to several employees or to different groups in Telegram. To connect multiple Telegram chats to your forms, you need to go to the Form management section in the site settings, click on the "Add Integration" button, and enter the ID of the first chat. After that, you can click the "Add Integration" button again and connect to the additional chat. 

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