Selecting multiple emails in contact forms

We added an option to select multiple emails to receive responses from contact forms. This feature will allow you to manage clients’ replies more conveniently. Now, in the “Integrations” tab you can toggle the Email switch and select varying emails for different contact forms on your website. 

By default, newly added emails in the site settings do not automatically become active in the contact form settings — notifications to a specific email should be manually activated in all the needed contact forms.

Gaps between icons in the “Social icons”

We added an option to set the gap between social network icons in the “Social icons” element, allowing you to better customize this element on your website. To set the gap, you need to go to the element settings, into the “Style” tab, and set the custom gap. The max gap is 100 px.

New absolute element “Menu” in Flex block

Now, you can add the “Menu” in the Flex block, which will allow you to better arrange interactive elements on your website. The settings of the “Menu” element include changing the width, font, colors and size of the text, the menu type (horizontal or vertical), and specifying a gap between menu items.

Turning off the auto display of distances

We have added an option to turn off the editor's auto-display of distances. This will help improve visibility when there are a large number of elements in the block.

To turn off the auto display, you should deactivate the switch "Show distance" in the editor's navigation panel. When you do this, the distances will be displayed only when you hold down the Alt key (for Windows) and Option (for macOS). By default, the auto display is enabled.

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