Перенесення сайтів з інших платформ на Weblium

Тепер ви можете перенести статичний сайт з іншої платформи (наприклад, Тільда) на Weblium, якщо у вас є вивантажений архів вашого сайту з іншої платформи. Поки ви не кваплячись створюєте новий сайт на Weblium, ваш старий сайт буде стабільно працювати на нашому сервісі. Коли ви закінчите роботу над сайтом, напишіть нашій команді підтримки, і вона допоможе вам відключити старий сайт та відобразити замість нього новий, створений на Weblium.

New site publish window

Website publishing just got easier! We have updated the window displayed after publishing a site. It allows you to open the site using a link or a QR code, download the QR code and send it to other people, make a backup copy of the site and copy the link to participate in the referral program.

Shape dividers

Now exquisite smooth transitions between blocks can be added in a few clicks. A shape divider allows you to make the border between two blocks visually more attractive than a regular straight line. You can find examples of using dividers via this link.

Updated "Sharing settings" window

Sharing your site just got more accessible and convenient! The new window has become much larger, and now it allows you to send a link to your site to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter in 1 click. In this window, you can copy the link to your website's comment mode, which allows your colleagues to leave their comments.

You can learn more about this feature in this guide.

Collecting data from contact forms with a free subscription

Now, even if your site is on a free or trial subscription, you will receive submissions from contact forms, though in encrypted form. After upgrading the site to a Pro subscription, you will see all the submissions received earlier. Be sure that all of your customers' messages are completely safe!

Nofollow for social media

We've added the ability to assign the "nofollow" attribute not only to links, but also to images. This new feature will become a great tool for SEO professionals and those who promote the site on their own.

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