Stay tuned for new templates

New templates can now be easily recognized by the special "Updated" and "Redesigned" markers. Get the maximum boost with our ready-to-go templates! You can always check for new works in our catalog.

Divide and conquer

Why waste time editing each item one by one when you can do it in one click? With this new feature, you can edit multiple objects at once and save valuable time to improve and organize your store! New products are now created in a separate module, keeping you focused on the work.

Improvement of the editor interface

Meet the whole new Interface that embodies your ideas of simpler and easier design. Time is money, so let us save it for you, while you can continue creating your greatest project. We removed unnecessary transitions and reorganized your workspace, so you wouldn’t have to spend extra time shifting to other tabs or waste it by making additional moves just to open the Settings. Everything is now grouped and has its own place on the left of the site. The shapes of every tab, tool and button of the Interface are now smaller and so practical, that you could have a clear vision of your site and nothing else irrelevant. So let’s jump into it and discover how much easier it is now to work with your site.

Disabling product counters

The “Store” module has got a new option of disabling product counters which are usually displayed on the store homepage and category pages. This can be useful if a site owner does not want to let anyone know the exact number of products in their store.

Resetting store pages to their default state

The site editor has got a new option of resetting the store homepage, category pages, product pages and the cart pop-up to their default state. This functionality can be useful if you are unhappy with the changes you’ve made and want to undo everything in a few clicks.

Blog pagination and improved load time

Good news for content creators! Our team has added automatic numbered pagination to the blog page ( and made the page itself load much faster. Thanks to this update, your users will enjoy browsing publication archives, and search engines will get another positive signal about the quality of your site.

Connecting pop-ups to text elements

Forcing someone to move between pages via links may not always create a perfect user experience. Sometimes, it may be better to display additional content on one page so that users do not waste their time moving to other pages in search for the needed information. Earlier, you could achieve this only by adding an accordion with hidden content, however, this month we have added something new! From now on pop-ups can be connected not only to buttons and images but also to text elements. This is a great way to make your website even more user-friendly and interesting!

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