Sending payment status to KeyCRM

When customers complete an order in your online store, the information about the payment status will be sent to KeyCRM if this integration is connected to your website. It will help you manage received orders more efficiently and improve customer interactions. 

Resizing several elements at the same time

We added an opportunity to resize several elements simultaneously in the Flex block. By selecting the group of elements, you can change the size of each one of them. During the batch image editing, the resizing will occur according to the settings you have set. For example, turning the “Scale to fit” switch on in image settings will change size proportionally, and vice versa if the “Scale to fit” switch is turned off. Also, if you hold the Shift button, the resizing will occur proportionally. 

Please note that it is impossible to change the height of the “Text” element while editing batch elements.

X social network icon

Now, in the “Social icons” section, the X (formerly Twitter) appeared. We did not change the existing Twitter icon on websites, so if you wish, you can change the old Twitter logo with a bird to a new one — X — which will help you represent the relevant icon of this social network.

Adaption of Flex block for tablet and mobile view

We added a basic adaption of absolute elements for tablet and mobile website versions. Now, when you change or move elements in the desktop version editor of your website, the elements will be automatically arranged for mobile devices. 

However, since the automatic adaption may not match the required design, after the creation of the block, we recommend you go to the mobile and tablet version editor and change the positions of the elements so they will complement your demands. This feature allows you to edit the view of your website on different devices more efficiently and better adapt it to create a unique design. 

Moving absolute elements by using a keyboard

Using a keyboard, you can move absolute elements (e.g., in the Flex block). You only need to select the element and use keyboard arrows. Even more, you can move elements by 10 pixels by holding the Shift button. It allows you to move elements quickly and efficiently with an accuracy of one pixel.

Scale to fill in Flex block

In the Weblium editor, there is now an option to change the image ratio in the Flex block and the ratio of images with absolute positioning in ordinary blocks. For example, you can make the image narrower or wider and change its height. It will allow you to form a rectangle that will contain the image. After that, by using a separate button, you can set up which part of the image will appear in a rectangle. At the same time, you can activate the “Scale to fit” switch in image settings to return to the image editing mode with the ratio maintained.

Also, by holding the Shift button in the “Scale to fill” mode (when the “Scale to fit” tumbler is disabled), you will be able to change the image size keeping its aspect ratio.

Managing several elements at the same time in Flex block

We added an option to manage several elements in the Flex block simultaneously. You can select several elements with your mouse or successively click with a Left Mouse Button on the elements while holding the Shift button. This way, you can move several elements simultaneously, copy and delete them, and align content in a selected group of elements. It will significantly reduce the time required to edit the block.

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