Export form responses for a certain period of time

We added a feature to export replies not only from all contact forms at one time but from specific separate forms. Also, you can now export both all answers you have and responses for a certain period of time. For example, it would be convenient when you receive thousands of requests from forms, and it takes some time to export them all. In this case, you can export only the latest responses and save your time. 

AI Writing in online store

AI Writing is now available not only in the website editor but also in your online store. You have an opportunity to create and improve product descriptions and translate them into other languages with the help of artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT. It will help you speed up the process of writing texts when you work with products in your online store. 

Auto adjust for mobile devices based on the desktop site version

If you set up block paddings, font sizes, or shape dividers separately for the mobile site version, you can now restore these settings according to the desktop version of the website. When you change one of these settings individually for display on smartphones, this setting will have to be edited manually for mobile and desktop versions of the website separately. However, with the help of the “Auto adjust” button, you can restore the automatic adaptation of these settings for smartphones, which will be based on the desktop site version.

It may be needed when you manually configure some settings for smartphones and decide that it would be more convenient for you to edit these settings only for the desktop site version and automatically apply them to the mobile site version.

Device indicator during editing of a block padding

The device indicator allows better orientation while editing paddings on the website. This indicator displays which device the changes will be applied to when you change paddings by left-clicking on the block boundary. You can see whether the changes will be applied to all website versions (if there are no specific icons on the block boundary) or only to mobile or desktop versions, which an icon with an image of the corresponding device will display.

Improvements in the fonts editing

From now on, you can open font settings for a specific type of text on the site not only in the "Site styles" settings but also simply when editing a particular text by clicking on the "gear" in the list of text types. Changes made in these settings, as before, will be applied to all texts with the selected type ("Block title", "Subheading", "Text", etc.).

Besides, we have adapted the font settings for the site's mobile version to make editing the font separately for smartphone display even more convenient.

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