Moving elements in Flex block by only 1 axis (X or Y)

Now, you can move elements along 1 axis in the Flex block. While moving the element with the mouse, you can hold the Shift button to lock the element's position by the X or Y axis. While the Shift button is held, the element will move only by the axis you started to replace it. It allows you to manage the objects on your website more conveniently. For example, if you need to move an image only to the right or left, with this feature, you will be able to avoid any accidental element vertical offsets. 

Editing tablet site version

We’ve added an option to edit a website’s tablet version. By default, when changing a desktop version of the website, the changes will be automatically applied to mobile and tablet versions. Now, you can change the settings of an element or a block for a tablet version separately, after which this setting will be changed independently of the desktop version. For example, you can change text alignment, paddings, collection element alignment, and font settings separately for a tablet version.

Bookon CRM integration

Thanks to the integration with Binotel's Bookon CRM, you can automate booking and reception applications from customers in the areas of service provision. This can be convenient, for example, for booking customers to a beauty salon, car service, music lessons, etc. Bookon CRM allows you to receive requests 24/7 online, manage your customer appointments, monitor the service delivery process, and receive information about the workload of your team members. Now doing business has become even more convenient!

Snap to object in Flex block

We've added snapping elements to other objects while freely arranging elements in a Flex block or an ordinary block. Element snapping occurs when it gets closer than 5 px to another freely arranged element, a block's boundary or center. At the same time, a red line will highlight the border to which snapping occurred. Also, snapping doesn't work when moving elements using keyboard arrows. It is convenient if you need to place an element less than 5 px away from the boundary to which snapping may occur.

Flex block with freely arrangeable elements

Flex block allows you to place elements freely without such restrictions as columns or a grid. For example, you can add 2 images so that one slightly overlaps the other and add a heading and button above the image. For now, you can freely arrange the following elements: heading, text, image, and button.

In addition, similarly to the Flex block, we added an option to apply absolute positioning to elements in most regular blocks. This feature allows placing elements anywhere in the block. It provides more space for creative ideas and makes your site design even more unique.

Connecting up to 3 webhooks to an online store

Now you can connect up to three webhooks to your online store simultaneously. Webhooks allow sending order information to third-party services that support receiving webhooks, even if there are no integrations with these services on Weblium. Connecting webhooks allows you to record information about orders in the third-party services you need (for example, Zapier), which significantly expands your capabilities.

AI Writing is updated to GPT-3.5

We have updated our text generation feature AI Writing to the technology used by ChatGPT-3.5. The GPT-3.5 model is more efficient and allows you to use artificial intelligence to get even better texts. GPT-3.5 accepts requests in dozens of different languages and considers an even more significant number of various parameters in its work. Artificial intelligence is getting closer and easier!

Export form responses for a certain period of time

We added a feature to export replies not only from all contact forms at one time but from specific separate forms. Also, you can now export both all answers you have and responses for a certain period of time. For example, it would be convenient when you receive thousands of requests from forms, and it takes some time to export them all. In this case, you can export only the latest responses and save your time. 

AI Writing in online store

AI Writing is now available not only in the website editor but also in your online store. You have an opportunity to create and improve product descriptions and translate them into other languages with the help of artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT. It will help you speed up the process of writing texts when you work with products in your online store. 

Auto adjust for mobile devices based on the desktop site version

If you set up block paddings, font sizes, or shape dividers separately for the mobile site version, you can now restore these settings according to the desktop version of the website. When you change one of these settings individually for display on smartphones, this setting will have to be edited manually for mobile and desktop versions of the website separately. However, with the help of the “Auto adjust” button, you can restore the automatic adaptation of these settings for smartphones, which will be based on the desktop site version.

It may be needed when you manually configure some settings for smartphones and decide that it would be more convenient for you to edit these settings only for the desktop site version and automatically apply them to the mobile site version.

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