Importing a block from Figma

Now, you can import separate blocks from Figma to your website editor, allowing you to significantly speed up the transformation of the Figma design into a complete website. To do so, you only need to paste the token from Figma once, and after that, you will be able to import Figma frames into blank Flex blocks by adding links to them. Images, texts, the block's background, and other elements will automatically transfer to your website. 

We highly recommend reading our tips and guides in the Help Center to achieve the best result while importing the block. The website creation became even more efficient and effortless!

Shadow in the "Video" element

We added shadow settings in the "Video" element, giving you more space to customize this element. To add the shadow to the video, you need to go to this element settings, go to the "Style" tab, and toggle the "Shadow" switch. You can change the shadow’s positioning along the X and Y axes, as well as its size and blurriness.

Copying pop-ups to other websites

Now, you can copy pop-ups from one website to another, making it easier to create new websites using templates of your own. This way, you will be able to develop the design of the pop-up, copy it to another site, and change its content. Working on new projects became even more convenient!

The "Contact form" element in Flex block

We added the "Contact form" element to the Flex block, allowing you to better arrange interaction elements on your website. You can freely arrange, copy, rotate, and resize this element. Moreover, in the contact form settings, you can use options from the static form element, such as adding and removing fields, applying an action when the form is submitted, and changing its button style.

The "Embed code" element in Flex block

We added the "Embed code" element to Flex block, which will give you more space to create functional websites with the code assistance. You can add the embed code in the Flex block. This element can be freely arranged.

Moreover, while using the “Embed code” element in Flex block, you can also see the result of the written code in the editor, which allows you to check the correctness of its work better.

Corner radius for the "Video" element

We added a corner radius for the “Video” element, allowing you to customize this element on the website better. To add a round corner, go to the element settings, open the "Style" tab, and set the corner radius. You can corner one separate corner or all corners simultaneously.

Corner radius for columns

Now, in column settings, there is a corner radius setting, which gives you more options for editing this part of your website. Corner rounding is available in the “Styles” tab in column settings. You can now change the corner radius for one separate corner and for all corners simultaneously. However, please consider that the corner radius is available only if the column has a background. 

Outline for the "Video" element

We added an outline for the "Video" element, allowing you to create more unique solutions with this element. To add the outline, you need to go to the Video settings, into the "Styles" tab, and toggle the "Outline" switch. You can change the width of the line and select styles that include a solid, dashed, and dotted line.

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