Resetting store pages to their default state

The site editor has got a new option of resetting the store homepage, category pages, product pages and the cart pop-up to their default state. This functionality can be useful if you are unhappy with the changes you’ve made and want to undo everything in a few clicks.

Blog pagination and improved load time

Good news for content creators! Our team has added automatic numbered pagination to the blog page ( and made the page itself load much faster. Thanks to this update, your users will enjoy browsing publication archives, and search engines will get another positive signal about the quality of your site.

Connecting pop-ups to text elements

Forcing someone to move between pages via links may not always create a perfect user experience. Sometimes, it may be better to display additional content on one page so that users do not waste their time moving to other pages in search for the needed information. Earlier, you could achieve this only by adding an accordion with hidden content, however, this month we have added something new! From now on pop-ups can be connected not only to buttons and images but also to text elements. This is a great way to make your website even more user-friendly and interesting!

Editing the store homepage

Make your online store even more attractive and efficient! Move or delete blocks on the store homepage or add new elements to create a truly unique and selling design for high conversions. Just give it a try and you’ll see that launching your online ecommerce business within 24 hours is not a dream but a reality.

Bigger image logos

We heard that the image logos that you could add to the header often weren't big enough, so we decided to fix that. Now the logo can be 3 times bigger in width than it was before. 

Still, bear in mind that the logo size can be limited by the block height and the neighboring columns. If you resized the logo to the maximum and the size is still the same, try adjusting the columns on the sides to give the logo more space.

More on logos in the article Adding a logo.

Online store improvements

Over the last few weeks, we kept adding new features to the store that will come in handy for SEO and products management. Check some of them out:

1. Blocking the store from being indexed — this includes products and categories pages. 

2. Hiding a category page from the search engines — this blocks the indexing of the category page but doesn't affect the other store pages.

3. Mass actions for the products — changing the statuses of multiple products to in/out of stock, and more.

4. Product display options — choose the rule for global products sorting, e.g. by name, price, etc.  

5. Product SKU is now visible in the product title — this helps your customers compare several similar products and make correct orders.

Video tutorials about Weblium features

We heard that some step-by-step video instructions help understand the product better...So please meet: Weblium video tutorials on various features!

You can find them in the product — by simply clicking on the "?" icon near the block/element settings, also in the website settings:

Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned for the new tutorials.

Meanwhile, check out some of the recent videos:

Hiding a block on mobile devices

Additional flexibility while creating websites! Now you can hide any block in the editor from all the small screens (including mobiles and tablets). This is useful if you'd like to share certain info with desktop viewers only, or make the website shorter on small screens.

For more info check out the guides here.

Improved mobile view of the sites

We've improved the logic of the mobile view creation. Now the paddings and fonts adjust better on mobiles which makes the websites lighter, neater, and more readable. There is now more space around buttons, and if you entered bigger paddings on the desktop, they will enlarge proportionally on smaller screens.

Moreover, empty columns and collections don't display on mobiles anymore.

To view a new, better mobile version of your website, make sure to re-publish it.

CRM: notifications about the new deals

When dealing with clients, every minute counts. Respond to the requests in a timely manner with the new feature — CRM notifications.

This way, you'll receive push notifications on your desktop and mobile about all new contact forms submits, instantly. Even if you're not logged in to your Weblium account!

To enable the notifications on desktop, open the CRM in your account and tap Yes! in the pop-up window that appears:

To enable the notifications on mobile, log in to your Weblium account from your mobile device, go to the CRM section, and allow the notifications.

Currently, this feature is available in Chrome only. Make sure that you allow Chrome to send notifications (this can be done in the browser settings).

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