The «Video» element in Flex block

We added a new absolute element, «Video», which will allow you to implement more design solutions on your website. You can add video in the Flex block.

You can rotate, arrange, copy, and resize the video. Furthermore, the absolute element has the default settings, such as loop, autoplay, and showing video controls.

Eye-dropper in color-picker

We added an eye-dropper to a color picker to make it easier for you to edit the colors of your website's color palette, texts, blocks' backgrounds, etc. To use this feature while changing colors, click on the eye-dropper icon and then click on the place on your website from which you would like to get the color.

Rounding for the collection element

We added corner rounding for collection items, giving you more flexible settings for this element on the website. You can change the corner radius in the element settings. Rounding is available for one separate corner or all corners simultaneously.

Changing the corner radius is applied to all items in the collection at the same time. But please note that it will be impossible to change styles if the collection items have no background. 

Corner radius in the “Image” element

We added a corner radius for images, which will allow you to arrange this element's appearance on the website better. You can apply rounding in image settings. You can do it either for each separate corner or all corners simultaneously.

This feature is available for both images in the Flex block and regular ones in other blocks.  

Website transfer with domain

We added an option to transfer websites with domains, which will allow you to send complete projects to your clients better. Now, when you transfer the website, you will be able to transfer it with all the domains connected to it, including the ones you bought from other sources than Weblium. Moreover, the user will be notified about the connected domains when he accepts the receiving.

Outline for the Image element

We added an outline setting for the Image element, which will give you an opportunity to customize this element better. To add the outline, you need to go to the Image settings, go to the «Styles» tab, and switch the «Outline» toggle. You can change the width and style of the line.

Device indicator in the element panel

Now, when moving the element in the Flex block, you will see the device indicator — on which devices this change will be reflected. This update will allow you to better orient while adapting your website to different devices.

Now, when the element's connection between the desktop and mobile/tablet versions of the website is turned off, the device indicator will appear near the element's location in the panel under the element.

The “Show all plans” button on the Subscription page

Now, in the “Subscription” section in site settings, there is a “Show all plans” button that allows you to access the subscription purchase or upgrade page from these settings as well. 

When you press the “Show all plans” button, you will see all available subscriptions to which you can update your site. 

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